Are You Lonely?

Am I?
I’ve been spending a lot of time on my own.
Because I enjoy being with my thoughts.
I don’t feel lonely sitting in the park.
Or sitting at the very front of the bus.
Often when I’m alone it’s because nobody is around.
Does that make me lonely?
Have I gotten used to being alone?
Would I be lonely if I hadn’t gotten used to being alone?
If I’ve gotten used to being alone does it cancel out, or am I so lonely my mind can’t take it?
I would see more people if I had more money.
I would invite them to my beautiful house for dinner.
We would sit around the dinner table, look in each other’s eyes, and laugh.
I don’t know if that would make me less lonely, if I am.
People can be lonely together even if they don’t want to believe it.
Or alone, happy.
What I know is that if I were lonely, I wouldn’t want to be.

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