Please, pleaseCareful steps over rootsWebbed feet on boiling ground The hush, the darting through branchesWhen pin-stars stickAnd coat the roof of my mouth Some river, one I asked back to the bankStill rutted soaked the dirtAnother storm unseen I run lightlyThe speed is for a reasonDimly And the speed is for a reasonMore harshly, withContinue reading “Undeterred”

Are You Lonely?

Am I?I’ve been spending a lot of time on my own.Because I enjoy being with my thoughts.I don’t feel lonely sitting in the park.Or sitting at the very front of the bus.Often when I’m alone it’s because nobody is around.Does that make me lonely?Have I gotten used to being alone?Would I be lonely if IContinue reading “Are You Lonely?”


The boy peaked too earlyturned textured, fibrous as he grewhills and tensions across fleshNow inflated, now burstingamong peers who were still smoothNot only sprouted but longingfor the crevices his body had carved out for itselfthe same sweat streaking his fabricsHe asked himself often but silentlyWhy his desires were hewnto reflect his own form The boyContinue reading “Peak”